Elon Musk to send Humans to Mars, but the cost of a seat is Astounding

4 The cost per seat will leave you speechless

Now for the main event. What’s it going to cost per person. Well this isn’t a ticket to the ball game. If you want a ticket to Mars, you too may just need to be a billionaire too because like the movie 2012 where seats on the arks cost 1 billion euro, here too a ticket to Mars will cost $10 Billion. Speechless?

In a statement issued to the effect NASA said “NASA applauds all those who want to take the next giant step in space.” NASA added, this journey is very important and we want the best of the people, government, and industries to make it happen. Let’s all wish Elon Musk great success for sending humans to Mars. But even more success to all those who need the money for a seat to Mars.

cost per seat

Image Source: www.ufoholic.com

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