Elon Musk to send Humans to Mars, but the cost of a seat is Astounding

2 The evolution of technology makes the unthinkable possible

In his meeting with space experts, Elon Musk stated that with the right plan, the feat of sending humans to Mars may be possible as early as 2022. Although it would take a huge and near exorbitant amount of money, he felt that with nations pooling in, he could make it happen.

According to Musk “Either we can stay on planet Earth and wait for our extinction, or we can become multi-planetary species.” His alternative is for the species of man to become spacefarers colonizing habitable areas of space. Well?? As of now, such things are of course happening in movies and Television serials, but yet again the perceived technology we have been seeing in movies, aren’t they coming true slowly but surely.

evolution of technology

Image Source: www.wsj.net

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