Elon Musk to send Humans to Mars, but the cost of a seat is Astounding

A century ago did man ever contemplate the power of technology that could shuttle us between countries at supersonic speeds? Remember the Concorde? Humans even walked on the moon and today we have brilliant devices in the palms of our hands called cellphones. There may well come a time when the saying “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” may soon be redefined to frontiers beyond the moon.


One man has the most fantastic yet not impossible ambition of space exploration and that is Elon Musk. The billionaire and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla made the most phenomenal of statements at a meeting of astronautical experts stating he may soon send humans to Mars.

1 A spaceship already in research phase

The ambitious Billionaire with a habit for being in the news has just stated he is formulating a plan to send humans into Mars. His company SpaceX would also build a spaceship for the purpose. The world needs to give Elon Musk some credit. As a man of vision, he is undoubtedly the future of humanity for conceiving such an ambitious goal.


If there is one man who could make such a feat possible, then it could well be Elon Musk. The man doesn’t only have the intelligent resources at his disposal; he also has the finance, the software and the technology too. With companies like Solar City, OpenAI and SpaceX under his wing, Elon Musk may just achieve what he believes in.

spaceship in research

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2 The evolution of technology makes the unthinkable possible

In his meeting with space experts, Elon Musk stated that with the right plan, the feat of sending humans to Mars may be possible as early as 2022. Although it would take a huge and near exorbitant amount of money, he felt that with nations pooling in, he could make it happen.

According to Musk “Either we can stay on planet Earth and wait for our extinction, or we can become multi-planetary species.” His alternative is for the species of man to become spacefarers colonizing habitable areas of space. Well?? As of now, such things are of course happening in movies and Television serials, but yet again the perceived technology we have been seeing in movies, aren’t they coming true slowly but surely.

evolution of technology

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3 Seats for a 100 passengers

SpaceX has reportedly believed to have chalked out the blueprints of the ship and parts of it have already been made. The speed booster of the ship called the Falcon 9 is already in testing phase. The first spacecraft to Mars would be the size of two 747 Boeing Aircraft. It will have enough space to carry 100 passengers.


The spacecraft will also be fuel efficient and manufacture its own fuel using water and carbon dioxide. Now what do you make of that. However the man has admitted the fuel production aspect is still in research phase.

Seats for a 100 passengers

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4 The cost per seat will leave you speechless

Now for the main event. What’s it going to cost per person. Well this isn’t a ticket to the ball game. If you want a ticket to Mars, you too may just need to be a billionaire too because like the movie 2012 where seats on the arks cost 1 billion euro, here too a ticket to Mars will cost $10 Billion. Speechless?

In a statement issued to the effect NASA said “NASA applauds all those who want to take the next giant step in space.” NASA added, this journey is very important and we want the best of the people, government, and industries to make it happen. Let’s all wish Elon Musk great success for sending humans to Mars. But even more success to all those who need the money for a seat to Mars.

cost per seat

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