Elderly Woman Loses It All After Stray Firework Sets Her Home On Fire

9The community was angry

The community was angry at what had happened. The head of the community said that this was unacceptable. They also added that fireworks should be only sold to organizers and should not be sold to the household. This is something that most of the community agreed upon.

The community was angry

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10The community came together for Pauline

Once the news spread and the fire department came on the scene, the entire community came out and united for Pauline. They took her to their home and tried helping out the firefighters who were trying to get the fire under control. They were trying to save Pauline’s home.

The community came together for Pauline

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11Pauline was devastated

Upon seeing her home in flames, Pauline was devastated about the entire incident. She did not know what to do and was upset about losing her home and all the memories that were inside it. The community members tried to comfort her but knew that she was going through something that none could understand.

Pauline was devastated

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12The damage

Once the fire was under control the damage could be seen. The downstairs of her two-story home was completely destroyed. Everything inside was burnt which included her dining, living, and kitchen. They knew that nothing could be recovered from the flames and all was lost.

The damage

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13A GoFundMe

The community knew that this was a very tough time for Pauline. They knew that she just lost her husband and was trying to adjust to her new life alone. This disaster was going to be a huge setback in her life. The community members got together and made a GoFundMe page for people to donate money to her.

A GoFundMe

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