Elderly Woman Loses It All After Stray Firework Sets Her Home On Fire

5The fire engulfed her furniture

While she was inside the house the garden furniture was completely engulfed in fire. She had no idea what was going on right outside her home. She only realized what was happening when her patio door popped open due to the heat being generated from the outside.

The fire engulfed her furniture

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6The fire began to spread

Once the patio door was destroyed by the fire, it began to spread to the inside of her house. It took a few minutes to engulf the entire downstairs of her home. The fire was spreading and Pauline knew staying inside would not help anything.

The fire began to spread

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7The neighbors came to help

Once the flames grew it was soon visible to the neighbors. Once they saw Pauline’s house on fire they immediately ran to her aid. They were able to get her out and call the fire department. They spoke to reporters and said that she was completely shaken up when they got her out of the house.

The neighbors came to help

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8The fire department arrived on time

Within five minutes of being alerted of the fire, the fire department showed up at the home. There was a total of four engines present at the scene to douse the flames. It took the team around 10 to 15 minutes to get the flames under control.

The fire department arrived on time

Image Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk


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