Elderly Woman Loses It All After Stray Firework Sets Her Home On Fire

Fireworks are beautiful. On every occasion, the lights that we see in the sky and the loud blast are always credited to fireworks. They are stunning to look at and bring a smile to everyone’s face. But there are times when fireworks can be dangerous as they are just gunpowder ready to explode. Fire is something that is a by-product of fireworks that can easily get out of control. What would happen if a firework aimed at the sky fell in someone’s garden? This is is exactly what happened to an elderly woman living in Liverpool who lost her entire home.


1The unfortunate victim

Pauline Perry is a 75-year-old residing all by herself in Norris Green, Liverpool. She is a pensioner who lived all by herself in a small little home. She was happy and content with what she had and loved living there. She has a son that currently lives in Midlands.

The unfortunate victim

Image Source: metro.co.uk


2Her sad backstory

Pauline was from Wolverhampton. She and her husband moved to Norris Green 6 years ago. The couple lived happily as both of them loved the neighborhood and the entire community around them. Unfortunately, for Pauline, she lost her husband two months before this incident.

Her sad backstory

Image Source: insider.com


3The incident

It was on the 5th of Friday, November 2021 when a stray firework landed in her garden and set it on fire. The stray firework was not a planned attack, it was something that happened by accident due to kids playing with fireworks on the street.

The incident

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk


4The fire began

The firework started a fire in the patio. She was at home but, not aware that a fire was burning in her backyard. She was busy inside her house when the incident took place. The fire spread to her garden furniture that was outside her house.

The fire began

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