Eddie Izzard raises more than £1m for charity by running 27 marathons in 27 days!

The English stand-up comedian, writer and actor – Edward John Izzard A.k.a., Eddie Izzard has finally completed 27 Marathons in 27 days. Yes, he has done it and the world gives a salute to his determination and passion towards life. Eddie marks his achievement as the toughest thing he has done in his life. He is happy and perhaps on the top of the world after accomplishing his long-lived dream of paying tribute to Nelson Mandela- the first black president of South Africa.


1 Who is Eddie Izzard?

Born on 7th February 1962 in the Colony of Aden, Eddie is the younger son of Harold John Izzard and Dorothy Ella. His achievements in career have been quite remarkable, as he has hosted many professions outstandingly. Throughout his career, he has been a comedian, actor, voice-over artist as well as a writer.

Eddie is a 54-year-old man who loves to take up great challenges in life. Recently, he completed 27 Marathons in 27 days that was a part of the sports relief challenge. His last marathon was on Sunday and he had to complete 2 marathons in one day. The finishing spot was none other than the giant statue of Nelson Mandela. The chants of Eddie… Eddie… and uncountable applauds hovered over the ground as he touched the finishing line.

Who is Eddie Izzard?

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2 Sport Relief

Sport relief is a charity event from Comic Relief and acts in association with BBC Sports. The objective of Sport Relief is to bring together the entertainment and sports worlds together so that enough money can be raised to help those who are in need. The center of attraction of this campaign is the Heart Relief Mile that allows celebrities to perform their bit to get more and more funds. This was the event of which Eddie Izzard was a legendry part. Eddie has raised a whopping £1 million for Sport Relief. Running 27 marathons was a tribute to Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in Prison before being elected as the first president of South Africa.

 Sport Relief

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3 The Appreciable 27 Days

Over the 707-mile route, Eddie encountered various deadly situations, but his fighter instinct did not let them give up. He faced dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunstroke and painful cramps; yet his determination led him to success. In fact on the fifth day of his challenge, he was forced to take-up an unscheduled rest day, because of which he had to complete two marathons on the last day. His finishing line was Pretoria, South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was sworn to be the President.


According to Eddie, this was the toughest time of his life where he had to go through endless hours of boredom and pain. He says, “I am knackered and both legs hurt to varying degrees. I run each day until I am done, which takes about seven hours. I do not listen to music because the cars go really fast here – I do not want to get hit. I link into what is around me – buffalo, tortoises and turtles, wildebeest, ostrich, zebra. If you’re listening to some band, it cuts out a whole bunch of senses.”

The Appreciable 27 Days

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4 Eddie’s Message to the World

After his win, he said in an amusing tone, that if he can run anyone can do it. If you want to run a Marathon, here is a message from Eddie –“My only advice if you want to run a marathon is – listen to your body.” He further adds – it is important to listen to the signals of the body and react on the spot. He also thanked the people who helped him raise the Million Pounds for the Sports Relief fund. Kevin Cahill the Chief Executive of Comic Relief named Eddie as one of the legends of Sports Relief.

Eddie’s Message to the World

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After running 27 Marathons, Eddie claims himself as a completely new person who can run 26 miles a day. Looking at his achievement, we can clearly say that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

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