Easy ways to repair your Car Dents without spending money


So you have a dent in your car and what’s the next thing you do?? Drive straight down to the nearest garage ready to shell out more than you have to?? Or do you relax, take some time, think it over and follow our amazing instructions on how to repair car dents YOURSELF!

As fantastic as it sounds, here are some handy ways on how to repair the dent in your car without having to burn a hole in your pocket. It will also make your car look good as new.


1 First use the Plunger

Pour water over the dent and the plunger as well. Make sure you have a cup plunger and not the flange model used mostly for toilets. Now start plunging the car dent. The dent will more or less straighten but we aren’t done just yet.

Use the Plunger to repair car dent

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2 Using dry ice on a dent

Make sure you are wearing gloves. Apply some dry ice on the car dent for about 30 seconds. Repeat again till the dent is removed.

Using dry ice on a dent

Image Source: www.gjlenterprise.com

3 Hail dents can be repaired with sunshine

If you were caught in a hailstorm while driving and a few large pieces may have dented your car then here’s what to do. Leave it out in the sun. The heat will pop the dent out. Now that’s an amazing and easy way to repair dents yourself.

Hail dents can be repaired with sunshine

Image Source: www.casasincreibles.com

4 Hot Water Kettle Method

Fill a kettle with hot water. If you have large dents, take two kettles of hot water. Pour the hot water slowly over the dent. Allow the plastic to absorb the heat. Now push the edges around the dent gently. The dent will soon pop out and the plastic will return back to normal.

Hot Water Kettle Method

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