Easter Eggs or hidden symbols in 5 famous Hollywood Movies that you could not have noticed

Don’t let that title confuse you. Easter eggs in movies are actually hidden symbols of influence that viewers don’t notice. Only if you watch closely with a heightened sense of observation will you catch these common symbols and signs in several Hollywood movies. Many of these are common items that could have influenced the film maker or themes close to their hearts which they incorporate into movie scenes either as a surprise to the viewers or to pay respect to something meaningful. It could also be a joke which has been put their deliberately. Take a look at Easter eggs in popular movies that you never even thought were there.

1 The real life Frank Abagnale Jr appears in catch me if you can

The semi autobiographical movie ‘Catch me if you can’ starring Leonardo Di Caprio was based on the life of con artist Frank Abagnale Jr who served time in Swedish, French and US prisons. Take a look at the movie scene where Tom Hanks convinces Frank to surrender and he is taken into custody by French gendarmes. The policeman who arrests Frank is none other that the real Frank Abagnale himself.

Frank Abagnale Jr appears in catch me if you can

Image Source: www.spielberg-ocr.com


2 An X before every murder scene in “Departed”

Scorsese used an X in various scenes in the movie Departed starring Leonard Di Caprio and Mark Wahlberg. It appears as Caprio’s character Costigan calls Wahlberg’s character Sgt Damian in the airport. One can see cross beams supporting the airport walkway. In another scene, Martin Sheen’s character Queenan is thrown off a building where windows can be seen taped with an X. Just before Costigan is shot in the elevator, there is an X behind his head. Even on as Sullivan returns to his apartment in the end, you can see X marks on the floor of the hallway.

An X before every murder scene in “Departed

Image Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com

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