11 Double Standards of Society Ruining Our Lives

Society isn’t just full of double standards; it is hypocritical and controversial in word action and deed. Double standards today isn’t just a term, it is injustice, discrimination and the hurt and pain as well as the conflicts caused by society to people. Being judgemental is a common thing today with people and it can impact and affect many in negative ways. Not everyone can handle such negativity that is capable of seriously causing emotional hurt in people to the point of them even getting depressed. Only by looking at the truth and making people aware how double standards work in life can we arm ourselves against it. Here are 11 such examples of double standards that can help you change your attitude towards those who display them.


1We evaluate flirting at work based on personal preferences

How classic is this situation. In no way is it to undermine women because the same situation can also include men but more often than not it is men who flirt with women in the workplace and not the other way around. The thing is that we allow those who meet our standards of acceptance even to get away with what can be considered a wrong action.

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2The hypocrisy of society

When men get attention from women, society praises them for it, yet when a woman seeks attention or even gets attention from a man in a public setting like the work place she is stereotyped or branded names like loose, attention seeker etc. We need to graduate away from the typical mindset and social opinion that women should be seen only and not heard. Archaic social parameters do not have place in this free and equal society. If a woman can go out and earn on equal terms as men, they should enjoy the same social rights too. However, this doesn’t mean that it is an open invitation for men to do as they please with women.

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3Each client deserves attention regardless of the size of their wallet

There is a sense of hypocrisy in the saying that the customer is always right because nowadays, store owners prefer to be choosy as to which type of customer is deserving of their attention. One with the intention of making a small purchase or the one with a fat wallet and the potential to splurge.

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