Doctors stunned when woman delivers twins six weeks apart


Till now we always thought that twins were born together. But that isn’t necessarily so because a mum from Bedfordshire has just given birth to twins born six weeks apart which is a unique incident. Kim Vaughn 37 knew she was expecting non identical twins but what she didn’t know was the fact that they would not be born on the same day.

Sadly though Kim’s delivery has an element of tragedy attached to it as the first twin born to her passed away. The baby was delivered dead and could not be resuscitated.


1 Kim’s labor started at just 24 weeks

Kim Vaughan was 24 weeks pregnant when she went into labor. After delivering a still baby, her labor pains stopped. Despite of doctors expecting that the second twin would soon arrive, that wasn’t to be. Dylan whom she named the second child decided to extend his stay for a further six weeks in his mother’s womb.

At 30 weeks Dylan decided to make a dramatic entry into the world and though he was small, he was still stronger than what he would have been at 24 weeks.

Kim’s labor started at just 24 weeks

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