Doctors Share the Amusing and Weird Things Patients do when Waking up from Anesthesia


If you have ever been under the effects of anesthesia, then you know the feeling when you just wake up. You are either too groggy to notice anything and if you do, you end up speaking some gibberish. For those who don’t know the feeling, being under anesthesia makes you lose all forms of social decorum and you end up saying anything that comes in your mind. The first witnesses to such weird and amusing behavior are either your partner, close relatives and of course the doctors and nurses attending you. One can imagine the daily experiences of nurses and doctors having to bear up the bizarre behavior of patients under anesthesia. The reactions can range from violence to downright comical. Here are 15 such examples as narrated by OT personnel.

1 Have I still got it?

One anesthesia student narrated how during their clinical rotations, an old man woke up from anesthesia and asked whether his junk was still there or not. When the student replied and confirmed it was, he responded ““aw you guys are great!”

Doctor talking to the anesthesia  patient

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2 It takes a wife only to do this

Nurses couldn’t get a man to roll over into a gurney. Ultimately the wife walked over to him and said, ““you’re snoring, rollover.” That’s exactly what he did; he just simply rolled onto the gurney.

anesthesia patient

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3 Trashing the sister

Even as she was under the effects of anesthesia, a woman kept trashing her sister calling her names and saying she was the black sheep of the family. Her sister happened to be sitting outside and was the only one who had accompanied her to the hospital for her surgery.

effects of anesthesia

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4 When in doubt, hang on to the butt

One man after being revived from the effects of sedation hung on to a corpsman’s butt for dear life. He was embarrassed when the corpsman narrated the story later.

Doctor with anesthesia patient

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5 The perfect gentleman

A patient had 5 teeth extracted. While he was shuffled into his car by his mother and the attending nurse, he turned around to thank her but couldn’t speak. He instead bowed and doffed a hat which of course was an imaginary one.

A patient had 5 teeth extracted

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6 What’s a bit of wind?

A man had just completed his colonoscopy and was in recovery dozing off in a lounge chair. Suddenly he rolled to one side and let out a whale of a Fart! If that wasn’t all he actually asked the nurse “was that me?” The Nurse sheepishly nodded. He went right back to sleep.

Patient with colonoscopy

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7 True Love

A big hairy patient under the effects of sedation suddenly fell in love with the nurse and kept declaring his love for her. He even told her that he wished to kiss her.

True Love

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8 He wanted to become David Bowie

After waking up from wisdom teeth extraction, a patient groggy under sedation begged the doctor to allow him to become David Bowie. When the doctor asked him how he was supposed to make that happen, he replied: “it would be fantastic.”

David Bowie

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9 A prisoner of war

A World War II veteran once awoke after surgery and thought he was in a Nazi POW camp along with his grandson who was also present in the room. When a nurse walked in, he became hysterical screaming kill her…NOW!”. The scared nurse went away bringing with her a male nurse after that.

World War II veteran

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10 He thought he was James Bond

As a patient under anesthesia, he had Just been strapped into the dentist’s chair and was about to receive an anesthetic when the dentist heard him day in his best Sean Connery impersonation ““Goldfinger, do you expect me to talk?”

James Bond

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11 He became Rambo

What happens when a Vietnam War veteran comes out of coma?? He goes berserk of course!! Which is what happened to this veteran who was still suffering the psychological effects of the war? Since he disliked the restraint, he ended up fighting in the theater and damaging a restraint system worth $30,000 in one hour.

became Rambo

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12 Her name was Shark

One 14-year-old girl had just completed her eye surgery and was coming out of the effects of anesthesia. When the nurse asked if she could remember her name she coolly responded, my name… is Worcestershire sauce. No, wait… that’s not a cool name. My name… is Shark!”

Shark in the water

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13 She took a wrong turn

One young woman in her twenties had just come out of surgery and was recovering from anesthesia. As she was being pushed into a ward full of elderly people, she turned to the hospital porter and shouted: “Sorry we seem to have taken a wrong turn, we’re in the morgue.”

wrong turn

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14 He punched a nurse

A patient had just woken up too early from wisdom tooth surgery and felt as if he was choking. He immediately began to panic and started fighting with the nurses. He became so violent that he even punched one of them before passing out again.

wisdom tooth surgery

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15 He was so confused

Among patients under anesthesia, a 7-year-old boy once asked the doctor to put on Rugrats. After waking up he became confused and asked why Rugrats was on because he disliked it. The doctor replied, “You said you wanted to be angry because you don’t like being so happy all the time.”

He was so confused

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