Doctors Share the Amusing and Weird Things Patients do when Waking up from Anesthesia

If you have ever been under the effects of anesthesia, then you know the feeling when you just wake up. You are either too groggy to notice anything and if you do, you end up speaking some gibberish. For those who don’t know the feeling, being under anesthesia makes you lose all forms of social decorum and you end up saying anything that comes in your mind. The first witnesses to such weird and amusing behavior are either your partner, close relatives and of course the doctors and nurses attending you. One can imagine the daily experiences of nurses and doctors having to bear up the bizarre behavior of patients under anesthesia. The reactions can range from violence to downright comical. Here are 15 such examples as narrated by OT personnel.

1 Have I still got it?

One anesthesia student narrated how during their clinical rotations, an old man woke up from anesthesia and asked whether his junk was still there or not. When the student replied and confirmed it was, he responded ““aw you guys are great!”

Doctor talking to the anesthesia  patient

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2 It takes a wife only to do this

Nurses couldn’t get a man to roll over into a gurney. Ultimately the wife walked over to him and said, ““you’re snoring, rollover.” That’s exactly what he did; he just simply rolled onto the gurney.

anesthesia patient

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3 Trashing the sister

Even as she was under the effects of anesthesia, a woman kept trashing her sister calling her names and saying she was the black sheep of the family. Her sister happened to be sitting outside and was the only one who had accompanied her to the hospital for her surgery.

effects of anesthesia

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