When doctors sent her for an X-Ray what they found inside her body was shocking!!

Doctors have found instruments and many weird things inside the bodies of patients but this one will dumbfound you. A doctor found this patient with a GPS tracker inside her body.


Although the doctor was shocked no doubt, but he might have suspected why the device was implanted inside her. The reason is deplorable to say the least. It all amounted to woman trafficking.

1 What is a GPS TRACKER?

A GPS device or global positioning system can discover and track down a person who carries the device. It will pinpoint the exact location of that person anywhere in the world.


An anonymous doctor found this particular woman to be fitted with a GPS tracker and suspected that she may be suffering from psychiatric issues and hence the reason for the device.

What is a GPS TRACKER?

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2 The x-ray then shocked doctors

The doctor in question never really found anything wrong with the woman but his worst fears were confirmed when he found the X-ray revealing the tracing device implanted into her. It was the patient who revealed the information.

The x-ray then shocked doctors

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3 It was a clear case of human trafficking

The patient was actually a victim of human trafficking and that was the reason for the device which was roughly the same size as a RFID chip commonly used to tag animals.

Human trafficking is rampant in cities across the world selling women mostly from underdeveloped countries for sexual exploitation. It is a known commercial disease of society.

case of human trafficking

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4 How to spot human trafficking

You can spot a girl who is a victim of human trafficking. A victim will never look at anybody in the eye. There will always be some telltale signs of physical abuse. A victim may also appear to be drugged.


EleSondra DeRomano was one of the victims who underwent one of the most horrendous experiences of human trafficking. She was forced into providing sexual favors for strange men in hotel rooms for almost 18 months after which thankfully she escaped. She actually lived to tell her story. This Woman with GPS tracker inside her was also a victim of human trafficking which the entire world should protest against and say NO to.

human trafficking

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