Doctors perform C-section on a mother, but realize they can’t find the baby

More and more mothers are opting for C-section surgeries over natural birth in order to ensure safe delivery of the baby and no pain. But sometimes the procedure is advised if the baby is under some kind of danger and cannot be born via the natural way.


But this couple was in for a shock. The doctors had opened her stomach up for the C-section delivery and something went wrong in a very serious way and now the couple has filed a complaint with the hospital against the doctors for negligence on their part.

Here is the whole story.


1 The mother

Amber and Daniel Hughes were ready to welcome their fourth child into this world. The parents of 3 adorable children were happy to know that amber was pregnant with the fourth baby. Hey were happy to welcome a new member to their family.

Amber was warned by the doctors that she might have to give birth prematurely and rightly so, she went into labor in the 30th week of her pregnancy. She was in the 37th hour of her labor. When she was nowhere close to giving birth using natural methods; Amber was told that she might have to undergo C-section surgery in order to see that the baby is born without any problems.

The mother

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She said, “I’d hoped for a natural birth like my other kids but they told me they had no choice because Olly wasn’t coming out on his own and it was too dangerous to leave him.”


But what happened next stumped everyone.

2 What happened to the baby?

The doctors began the procedure on Amber and everything went smoothly, until they encountered a major problem. The doctors began looking at one another in panic and Amber knew something was amiss. The problem was that when the doctors opened Amber up, they couldn’t find the baby.

Even as patience wore thin and doctors were pretty confused about what happened, they heard some cries and found that Amber had already given birth to the baby via natural delivery. The baby was lying between Amber’s legs and in sheets and was crying.

Amber said that she was literally going into meltdown wondering where her baby went. She said, “Suddenly we heard something. Then they found Olly under the sheet, having passed naturally. I was on an anesthetic but could sense the panic. When we heard him cry I couldn’t fight my own tears.”

Olly, who weighed at a just 3lb 6oz, was immediately taken to the antenatal unit of the hospital, and was handed to the nervous couple an hour later.

What happened to the baby?

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3 Reaction of the mother

Though they were happy about the baby being healthy and born perfectly, they weren’t happy about the behavior of the doctors and medical staff, which didn’t even apologize for opening Amber up without any reason and lost the baby for the first two minutes of his life.

Reaction of the mother

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The doctors just explained that it was a strange thing to happen and now Amber has to live with a scar reminding her of the unnecessary procedure even after she delivered the baby naturally. The couple has decided to file a complaint against the hospital authorities in order to get some answers.


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