Her active 3 year old son wouldn’t budge from the couch, then doctors detect something shocking!

Parents should always take note of any child who suddenly displays a sense of inactivity. If your child is physically active, loves playing outdoors but shows signs of lethargy, then there is definitely something wrong with their health.


Brittany Taylor from Oklahoma noticed this about her active 3 year old who just did not feel like doing anything except being glued to a sofa all day long. In May 2016, Andrew her son just wouldn’t budge from the sofa. Little did she know that her son was an active 3 year old with a melon size tumor growing inside him.


1 The shocking diagnosis made by doctors

A concerned Brittany Taylor then took the child to the hospital and what they found was really shocking. Doctors actually diagnosed the child with pediatric kidney cancer where a huge tumor the size of a melon was growing inside his abdomen. Brittany was devastated.

The mass inside Andrew was found after Doctors performed scans and tests on him. Even doctors were shocked at how such a large tumor grew inside the child. Andrew’s condition is known as Wilm’s tumor which is a cancer affecting the kidneys.

diagnosis made by doctors

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2 Saved in the nick of time

Andrew had to undergo surgery immediately where doctors removed the infected kidney. Lucky for the little boy, his other kidney was not infected and was healthy. Medically it is quite possible for a human to survive on one kidney and Brittany was thankful for that.


According to Andrew’s pediatric oncologist Dr Chinni Pokala, “The tumor was so big; it stuck to the back of the abdominal cavity.” It was unusual that the little 3 year old had such a large melon size tumor growing inside him.

Saved in the nick of time

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3 Andrew on his way to recovery

For Andrew, it was in the nick of time that the melon size tumor was detected. His blood count is finally at safe levels where he received the final round of chemo. Andrew’s success rate is estimated at 90% which is great news for his family.

Today Andrew is his usual self and you will never recognize him from the lethargic child who once suffered from kidney cancer. He goes on holidays with his mom and plays whenever he can. Watch Andrew’s story on video.



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