Doctors Had Asked Them To Abort The ‘Deformed Baby,’ But They Didn’t – This Is How He Looks Today

3The strong journey of a determined mother

Brody's overall health

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According to Sara, her baby is beautiful and she is proud to have him. She says that she wanted to change the way people put the pictures of their ultrasounds, newborns and the first year of the baby on Facebook and Instagram. She intended to spread awareness about cleft lips and palate through Brody.

According to Sara

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Although, Sara had thought it all and was determined to do everything for her baby, but when someone did question about Brody’s appearance on Instagram for the first time, she didn’t know how to react at first. A person had rudely commented, “What’s wrong with his face?” After being shocked at these words, Sara did something which requires a whole lot of courage. Instead of lashing it out at him, she educated the person about cleft lips and palate so that she could diminish the misconceptions that people have about the disorder.

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4Support from People


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It is not that Sara and Brody encountered only rude people. They actually have seen some good Samaritans as well, who with their kind heart brought tears to the mother’s eyes. Hours after avoiding a possible confrontation with the person on Instagram, Sara was out with her girlfriends and Brody for dinner. The server brought a napkin to their table, which had a folded check in it. Sara couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that it was a $1,000 check with a note, which read, “For the beautiful baby.” This kind gesture brought tears to her eyes and her happiness knew no bounds.

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The amount was used for Brody’s medical expenses as he has been having surgeries to improve his condition. The support just started that day, and since then Sara has been contacted by people who inquire about Brody’s condition and pray for his recovery. She also says that people have shown that they are ready to help them whenever Brody needs it.

brody medical expences

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5Brody’s present condition

brody present condition

Brody is almost 15 months old now, and he has had surgeries to repair his upper lip and palate. Sara constantly posts updates about his condition on her Instagram account, where Brody has become popular as the happiest toddler around who loves to smile. According to Sara, Brody is physically growing amazingly and she thinks that he will start walking by the time he is 18 months old. The parents along with Brody are working very hard on his therapies, but even after all the struggles, Brody remains one happy child.

be the reason for someone smile today

Just look at the latest picture of baby Brody and we sure you too will fall in love with that contagious smile.

What do have to say about this incredible story of a strong family who is doing everything to make sure that their baby not only grows beautifully but also helps other kids face the challenges that he is facing as of now as a baby?

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