Watch how this weatherman cleans his frosted windshield with a DIY solution

Winter is the time to enjoy the snow and start celebrating the birth of Jesus and arrival of New Year. The ice and snow however also cause lots of problems for us by making driving difficult as temperatures plummet and snow covers the roads. It also means that the vehicles get covered in snow and it becomes difficult to get all the snow off of the vehicles, especially the windshields, as the glass attracts most of the ice which sticks to it during the night and it becomes difficult to get it off. However the trick we have got for you will make this arduous task easy.


1 The headache of frosted windshield

With the cold and harsh winter season upon us, one of the primary concerns is to take care of your vehicles. Most of us usually get them serviced, change the tires to snow ones and basically make sure, it doesn’t stall in the remotest part of the city. But however one problem that plagues vehicles, especially cars is the frosting of snow on the windshield. Windshield which is made of glass is usually cold and during the night when the temperatures are in its teens or early 20s, the snow sticks on the windshield and frosts, forming a layer of ice on the windshield. Now there seems to be only two ways to get that ice off the shield, one warming up the car for some period of time, which will lead to the heat melting the ice off the windshield. The second way is to use a good plastic scrapper and get scrapping the ice inch by inch. Now this is time consuming and very boring, but in the end, the ice will come off and you will be able to use the car much efficiently, without wasting the gas for no reason, heating it.


Please do not go for the quickfire solution of throwing hot water on the windshield, as it may get you a cracked windshield due to combination of cold ice and hot water cracking the glass of the windshield. But we have for you a better solution which will work in milliseconds and won’t harm your screen in any way. If your windshield does crack then consider consulting to better understand the possible solutions ahead.

The headache of frosted windshield

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2 The cheap and DIY instant solution

Defrosting your expensive windshield without harming it can be a tricky thing. But you will be surprised to know that it can be done easily with just some cheap ingredients and some knowhow. All you need to defrost your windshield in matter of seconds are isopropyl which is better known as rubbing alcohol and some water. All you do is mix 1/3rd part water with 2/3rd part rubbing alcohol and pour this mixture in a sprayer and mix it nicely. Now all you have to do is spray this mixture liberally on your windshield and wipe it off after few seconds and snow will come off easily. The best part about this mixture is that since rubbing alcohol has a freezing point 128 degrees below zero and will not freeze even in the harshest weather. So you can store this mixture in your care and use it whenever you need.


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