11 Ways Discovery Channel’s TV Show Naked and Afraid Has Duped You

4Storylines Are Scripted

It is no secret that most reality shows have writers and whether things are real or not is pretty clear to everyone. Participants have revealed that producers have instigated fights and encouraged cast to lie. Honora Bowen revealed how producers made her say that her magnifying glass was a present from her father when the truth was that it was given to her by a member if the crew before the show. She also revealed that her storyline revolving around her father’s death was already planned and predetermined.

Storylines Are Scripted

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5No Prize Money? Yeah, Right!

The contestants have claimed that they survive and brave the elements only for personal pride and accomplishment. Former contestants have revealed that Discovery had offered incentives to those who passed the 21 day challenge. The prize money given to those who complete the show is around $20,000.

No Prize Money? Yeah, Right

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6The Wilderness May Not Be All That Wild

There is hardly anything wild about the wilderness and the contestants are always close to the production camp. Even the filming location is in close proximity to civilization where some contestants have interacted with locals, listened to live music, and did as they please when the cameras weren’t filming.

The Wilderness May Not Be All That Wild

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7Food Is Sometimes Planted By Producers

One Reddit thread noted how suspicious it was that just when a candidate seems to be nearing the end of a show and is on the verge of starving, they suddenly by some miracle catch an animal. One contestant who caught a deer in a snare was suspected by viewers who noticed that the animal didn’t even show any signs of being trapped as there were no marks on its neck.

Food Is Sometimes Planted By Producers

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8There is Selective Editing

One contestant by the name of Alison Teal said that there is more drama than surviving in the wilderness than anything else in the show. She revealed how she had built several things for her survival that included a fishing net and a ladder but those were not shown on TV. She also felt that her skills like good instinct, weaving, and resourcefulness were not showcased in the episode. One other contestant Shane Lewis also broke his toes during filming but it was portrayed as if he had only hurt his foot.

There is Selective Editing

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