Discovery of ancient city in Africa may prove existence of an ancient alien civilization on earth


Have you ever heard of the ancient race called ‘the Annunaki’? According to mythological history, the Annunaki were gods belonging to ancient Mesopotamian cultures of Babylon, Assyria and Sumeria. Historians are of mixed opinion in regards to the existence of the Annunaki, who were believed to have existed thousands of years ago before a great flood wiped out life on earth in 11,000 BC, except for a few who survived. Were the Annunaki real or were they just folklore, if they were really gods, then in all probability they were an advanced alien civilization inhabiting and ruling earth in ancient times.

Whether such theories are true or not, what’s definitely true is the incredible discovery of an ancient city in Africa dating back to 200,000 years. The most significant features of the discovery are structures related to the Annunaki and the proof of ancient gold mines indicating the presence of an ancient civilization whose people knew how to extract gold. The Annunaki were said to have mastered the ability to extract and mine gold and used it for celestial and mysterious purposes.

1 Who were the Annunaki?

Did the Annunaki exist on Earth? According to common belief and religious records, the Annunaki were alien beings who came to earth 400,000 years ago. It was the Annunaki who gave birth to the human civilization. But is this true or just a religious fantasy, historians themselves are still puzzled. The main reason for the debate are the puzzling discoveries made over the years, all leading to a fantastic link to Annunaki culture.


The discovery of the ancient city in Africa has led to even more bewilderment among scholars. The remains of this metropolis, located just 150 km west of the Port City of Maputo in Africa were discovered by Researcher Michael Tellinger. An initial survey calculated its area as 1500 square kilometers, which in terms of ancient discoveries were extremely large and impressive.

Who were the Annunaki

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