10 Dinosaurs that were even more terrifying and scarier than the T-Rex

8 Therizinosaurus

One of the weirdest and freakiest of carnivorous Dinosaurs till date, Almost like Edward scissorhands. With the longest claws on record among all animals they even had bizarre feet. Unlike other dinosaurs that had three toes, these had four. These ungodly beasts grew up to 10 meters long and even sported a feather which is weird.


Image Source: www.nocookie.net

9 Quetzalcoatlus

The largest flying animal that ever lived on Earth with a gigantic 50 meter wingspan. These scary bets had a strange snout and odd shaped body. When standing erect they resembled a giraffe. They stood up to a height of 20 feet and usually hunted alone. These guys intimidated everything else around them because of their towering presence.


Image Source: www.dinosaurpictures.org


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