10 Dinosaurs that were even more terrifying and scarier than the T-Rex

6 Allosaurus

The Allosaurus was born towards the end of the Jurassic period. It existed at the top of the food chain and ate both herbivores and smaller predators. With their weight and height the Allosaurus was considered similar to the T-Rex but with an even more terrifying and scarier face. Its fear factor was the horns and ridges poking out of it that looked like a dragon not forgetting an unending row of teeth.


Image Source: www.cloudinary.com

7 Tyrannotitan

Existing in the early cretaceous period, The Tyrannotitan is regarded to be a relative of the Giganotosaurus. However Tyrannotitan had way thicker teeth. These guys may not have been bigger then the T-Rex, but they ran at a speed of 20 mph and could also swim. There is still alot to be known about this species.


Image Source: www.search4dinosaurs.com


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