10 Dinosaurs that were even more terrifying and scarier than the T-Rex

4 Mosasaurus

This wasn’t a dinosaur in the technical sense but is worth a mention as it debuted in Jurassic world too. Remember the latest franchise Jurassic world where a dinosaur type whale leaps out of the water to eat a shark? That’s a Mosasaurus. They grew up to a length of 17 meters with a head that made up 10% of their body. Their movement resembled sharks and even pounced like one. Mosasuarus existed in the Cretaceous period and evolved from Aigalosuaride or aquatic lizards.


Image Source: www.dinosaurpictures.org

5 Spinosaurus

Among the dinosaurs scarier than T-Rex, the Spinosaurus was a pure meat eater and one of the biggest and most dominant carnivores to exist on earth during the cretaceous period. In fact they even learnt to swim and hunted in water too. Because of its unique sail like feature on its back, it looked twice its normal size however, the unfortunate feature about the Spinosaur was that if it ever flipped on its back, the sail would have broken its spine and killed it. Spinosaurs became extinct because of their failure to adapt to environmental evolution.


Image Source: www.deviantart.net


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