10 Dinosaurs that were even more terrifying and scarier than the T-Rex

2 Utahraptor


Although considered the mini T-Rex in size, these were nastier with string teeth and razor sharp 15 inch claws that sliced through the belly of their prey. Uthrapators also lived in early Cretaceous period and grew upto 9 feet tall with a stretch span of almost 23 feet. Coincidently the Utahraptor was supposed to be named after Steven Spielberg because of his focus on these creatures in Jurassic park, but that didn’t happen because he backed out of his deal of funding further dinosaur research.


Image Source: www.dinosaurlive.com

3 Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus was so named because of its huge horns and means meat eating bull. Existing in the late cretaceous period they grew to a height of 3 meters with a stretch span of 9 metres. Carnotaurs had strong armored skulls and were regarded as one of the fastest dinosaurs that ever lived.


Image Source: www.imgix.net


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