10 Dinosaurs that were even more terrifying and scarier than the T-Rex

If you thought the T-Rex was the big daddy of dinosaurs, then you’re mistaken. While the tyrannosaurus Rex was of course dramatized as a huge nasty guy in the amazing movie Jurassic park, there are others who could easily match up to Mr. Rex in terms of nastiness and the scary factor too. In fact some of these that you will see here are even bigger than the T-Rex making them truly big bad dinosaurs. Check 10 dinosaurs scarier than T-Rex.


1 Giganotosaurus

Giganotosaurus lived in the mid Cretaceous period. Although complete bones of this big man don’t exist, scientists believe it was much bigger than the T-Rex. The metabolism of a Gigantosaurus resembled both mammals and reptiles which is what contributed to its rapid growth. They were slow moving dinosaurs with speeds of 14 meters per second and with those teeth packed jaws, they undoubtedly consumed everything in their path.


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2 Utahraptor

Although considered the mini T-Rex in size, these were nastier with string teeth and razor sharp 15 inch claws that sliced through the belly of their prey. Uthrapators also lived in early Cretaceous period and grew upto 9 feet tall with a stretch span of almost 23 feet. Coincidently the Utahraptor was supposed to be named after Steven Spielberg because of his focus on these creatures in Jurassic park, but that didn’t happen because he backed out of his deal of funding further dinosaur research.


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3 Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus was so named because of its huge horns and means meat eating bull. Existing in the late cretaceous period they grew to a height of 3 meters with a stretch span of 9 metres. Carnotaurs had strong armored skulls and were regarded as one of the fastest dinosaurs that ever lived.


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4 Mosasaurus

This wasn’t a dinosaur in the technical sense but is worth a mention as it debuted in Jurassic world too. Remember the latest franchise Jurassic world where a dinosaur type whale leaps out of the water to eat a shark? That’s a Mosasaurus. They grew up to a length of 17 meters with a head that made up 10% of their body. Their movement resembled sharks and even pounced like one. Mosasuarus existed in the Cretaceous period and evolved from Aigalosuaride or aquatic lizards.


Image Source: www.dinosaurpictures.org


5 Spinosaurus

Among the dinosaurs scarier than T-Rex, the Spinosaurus was a pure meat eater and one of the biggest and most dominant carnivores to exist on earth during the cretaceous period. In fact they even learnt to swim and hunted in water too. Because of its unique sail like feature on its back, it looked twice its normal size however, the unfortunate feature about the Spinosaur was that if it ever flipped on its back, the sail would have broken its spine and killed it. Spinosaurs became extinct because of their failure to adapt to environmental evolution.


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6 Allosaurus

The Allosaurus was born towards the end of the Jurassic period. It existed at the top of the food chain and ate both herbivores and smaller predators. With their weight and height the Allosaurus was considered similar to the T-Rex but with an even more terrifying and scarier face. Its fear factor was the horns and ridges poking out of it that looked like a dragon not forgetting an unending row of teeth.


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7 Tyrannotitan

Existing in the early cretaceous period, The Tyrannotitan is regarded to be a relative of the Giganotosaurus. However Tyrannotitan had way thicker teeth. These guys may not have been bigger then the T-Rex, but they ran at a speed of 20 mph and could also swim. There is still alot to be known about this species.


Image Source: www.search4dinosaurs.com


8 Therizinosaurus

One of the weirdest and freakiest of carnivorous Dinosaurs till date, Almost like Edward scissorhands. With the longest claws on record among all animals they even had bizarre feet. Unlike other dinosaurs that had three toes, these had four. These ungodly beasts grew up to 10 meters long and even sported a feather which is weird.


Image Source: www.nocookie.net

9 Quetzalcoatlus

The largest flying animal that ever lived on Earth with a gigantic 50 meter wingspan. These scary bets had a strange snout and odd shaped body. When standing erect they resembled a giraffe. They stood up to a height of 20 feet and usually hunted alone. These guys intimidated everything else around them because of their towering presence.


Image Source: www.dinosaurpictures.org

10 Megalodon

The most terrifying beast of the seas, the great giant megalodeon shark may not have been a dinosaur but they were certainly huge and grew as a big as a ship upto 70 feet. Their mouths had a span of almost 7 feet wide when open and six feet long. Megalodeons had the strongest jaws till date which they used to crush their prey to death. Skeletal remains and fossils of Megalodons have been found in North America, South America, India and New Zealand. The Megalodon could well be counted among the dinosaurs scarier than T-Rex.


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