10 Dinosaurs that were even more terrifying and scarier than the T-Rex

If you thought the T-Rex was the big daddy of dinosaurs, then you’re mistaken. While the tyrannosaurus Rex was of course dramatized as a huge nasty guy in the amazing movie Jurassic park, there are others who could easily match up to Mr. Rex in terms of nastiness and the scary factor too. In fact some of these that you will see here are even bigger than the T-Rex making them truly big bad dinosaurs. Check 10 dinosaurs scarier than T-Rex.

1 Giganotosaurus

Giganotosaurus lived in the mid Cretaceous period. Although complete bones of this big man don’t exist, scientists believe it was much bigger than the T-Rex. The metabolism of a Gigantosaurus resembled both mammals and reptiles which is what contributed to its rapid growth. They were slow moving dinosaurs with speeds of 14 meters per second and with those teeth packed jaws, they undoubtedly consumed everything in their path.


Image Source: www.search4dinosaurs.com

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