12 Different ways Hydrogen Peroxide can be used at home as a sanitizer cleanser and disinfectant

Like so many natural ingredients at home, hydrogen peroxide too has many uses. However besides a highlighter for hair, not many know the diverse uses of Hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant, a sanitizer and a cleaner. Here are 10 uses of hydrogen peroxide helpful for you at home.


1 Disinfect fruits and vegetables

Hyper absorbant items like Mushrooms should never be washed with water; instead you could dip a damp cloth in hydrogen peroxide and wipe away the dirt. Take ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and add it to a sink full of water. Soak your veggies and fruits in the solution to remove all bacteria.

disinfect fruits and vegetables

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2 Sanitize your dishwasher

2 oz of hydrogen peroxide to your dishwashing detergent enhances its cleansing and sanitizing properties.

Sanitize your dishwasher

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3 Wipe mirrors clean

Clean all the streaks from your mirrors with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water.

Wipe mirrors clean

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4 Whiten clothes

You don’t need to purchase expensive fabric whiteners, just use hydrogen peroxide to your wash or when rinsing whites, it will remove stains, whiten cloth and also clean out your washing machine.

use hydrogen peroxide to whiten clothes

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5 Mouth freshener

Mix an equal portion of hydrogen peroxide with fresh water and rinse your mouth with this. It may have a bitter taste though.

Mouth freshener

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6 Toothpaste solution

Instead of purchasing expensive toothpastes, mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and use that to clean your teeth.

Toothpaste solution

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7 Toenail infections

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural anti microbial. You can treat infections at home by soaking an infected foot for 20 minutes every day in a gallon of water mixed with half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Toenail infections

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8 DIY Miracle Cleaner

This is one fantastic cleaner that cleans everything from upholstery to floor tiles. Add two parts of hydrogen peroxide to one part liquid floor cleaner or soap and clean the area.

DIY Miracle Cleaner

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9 Highlight your hair

This is among the most common uses of hydrogen peroxide which is used for bleaching hair but always test a strand of hair first with it.

Highlight your hair

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10 Remove toilet bowl rings

The best way to clean your toilet would be to pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide on it, let it stay for 20 minutes then wipe clean.

Remove toilet bowl rings

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11 Deodorizer

Hydrogen peroxide can also eliminate foul odors. Mix 2 squirts of liquid soap with two table spoons of baking soda and 15 oz of hydrogen peroxide. Mix all together and use it on floors and other surfaces that need deodorizing.


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12 Disinfect your child’s toys

Use a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide with water to disinfect your child’s toys.

Disinfect your child’s toys

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