15 Pictures Point Out Major Difference Between North and South Korea

During the final days of the World War II, after it was evident that Japan would surrender and retreat from Korean peninsula, which it was occupying for a long time, the biggest question which arose was, what will now happen to Korea? The two major countries of that time, the Soviet Nation and the United States of America intervened and decided to separate Korea. The United States of America took over the southern part of Korea, whereas the Soviet Nation took charge of the northern part of Korea only with an intention to hand it back to the Koreans. But there was a great amount of distrust in the ideologies of some in Korea which had already become too deep to be resolved and so this accidental division gave rise to a hostile nation which changed the Korean peninsula forever.


1The Global Status

North Korea is a poor underdeveloped nation with a maturing military machine, yet with weapons of mass decimation, governed by a military dictator. It utilizes an identity faction to hold the ruler in control, alongside extraordinary patriotism. Its kin confronts oppression in the event that they restrict the legislature, and it works gulags. Furthermore, they communicate in Korean and like Kimchi.

In the South, they are a first world cutting-edge nation. They have no nukes, however, have a dynamic union with the USA. Samsung, LG, Hyundai are all from Korea. There is no identity clique. The President serves just 5-year term with no re-race. The military does not prop up the state. It is likewise exceptionally progressed with the most recent weapons. The general population are not oppressed on the off chance that they reprimand the legislature. 


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2Owning Vehicles

For a country which is underdeveloped or rather not allowed to develop itself, the chances of the people being able to afford vehicles are extremely slim. The North Korean’s are not allowed to own vehicles even if they can afford it. Having a car is a privilege in North Korea and only a handful of high-level dignitaries use cars or own them.

On the contrary, one of the biggest automobile company in the world i.e. Hyundai is from South Korea. The situation in South Korea is as normal as it can get. The automobile industry of South Korea is the sixth largest in terms of production of cars. They use one of the most advanced technologies and encourage people to buy their new inventions. 


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3Human Rights

North Korea is a Stalinist state and keeps in the vicinity of 80,000 and 120,000 state detainees, a large portion of whom are held for political, not criminal, offences. North Korea got the least press freedom score on the 2013 press opportunity file and is viewed as one of the world’s most degenerate nations, as indicated by Transparency International’s 2014 defilement observation file. Its atomic program is additionally a worry for South Korea and western countries.

Life in South Korea is fueled by an unashamedly uproarious and pleasing style of private enterprise. The nation is likewise authoritatively an established popular government. Be that as it may, it has its own particular political detainees. South Korea’s questionable National Security Law makes it an offence to express sensitivities for North Korea; the administration even kicked out a remote national for ‘helping North Korea’ national. Be that as it may, South Korea position is far less degenerate than its northern neighbour. What’s more, it’s a key partner for western forces – especially the United States, which still completes military penetrates there.


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4The Population

The number of inhabitants in South Korea is twofold that of its abhorred neighbour, with whom it is still actually at war. The North has a population of 24.7 million while the South is home to 48.9 million. Future in the Westernized and industrialized South is additionally 10 years higher at 79.

Newborn child mortality is far higher in the North with 26-21 passing for every 1,000 live births, contrasted with the South’s 4.08 for each 1,000.


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5Suicide Rate

A World Health Organization report has discovered that the issue is far more atrocious in its northerly neighbour, making the landmass a standout amongst the most self-destructive areas on the planet. The report, entitled Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative, assesses that in 2012, 9,790 suicides occurred in North Korea, with generally parallel quantities of guys and females executing themselves.

Suicide in South Korea is the tenth highest rate on the planet as per the World Health Organization and in addition the most elevated suicide rate for an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development state. The explanation behind its high suicide rate contrasted with different nations. A lot of suicide is committed by the elderly. The commonness of suicide among elderly South Koreans is because of the measure of broad financial condition among senior citizens, with almost 50% of the nation’s elderly population living underneath the poverty line.


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