Did you know what an Aura is ? And the meaning of colors in it?

Perhaps you might have seen at least one quiz that could tell you what color is your aura, but you didn’t pay too much attention to it. But, auras do exist and they do have color, except, it’s not only one.


So what is actually an aura? Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. The Aura around humans is partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (DNA structure, metabolism, circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (UV part) is more related to our conscious activities such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions. In order to actually see someone’s aura you need to focus on the following:

1 Concentration exercise

This picture will help you improve your vision. Look exactly at the black spot for 30 seconds or so and observe colored dots with your peripheral vision. Resist the temptation to look anywhere else but the black spot. Note that the colored areas seem to be surrounded by the “Aura” of a different color. When peripheral sensors are stimulated for some time, we have color sensations, much different than when we use the central vision. The longer you concentrate, the brighter is the “Aura” around colored areas, because your sensitivity increases. You have noticed that real colors are surrounded with Auras of different colors. These auric colors are not random.

Concentration exercise

Image Source: www.thiaoouba.com

2 Rainbow colors

These auras are found in healers, especially those trained to work with the body’s energy fields. These are typically seen as shards of colorful light, like a sunburst.

Rainbow colors

Image Source: www.thespiritscience.net

3 Yellow

This aura color has a specific physical correlation to the spleen and to the person’s energy source, a.k.a., “chi.” Brilliant yellow is connected with spiritually inspired people or the ones who are experiencing a spiritual awakening. People with yellow aura have a playful spirit and will act on your thoughts. Dark yellow with tinges of brown “floats” around the eternal students. These people are pressurized to achieve their goals and score high on tests. Lemon yellow represents a fear of loss. This may be the loss of a job, divorce, a lifestyle change, loss of health or fear of losing control over your destiny. Pale yellow aura surrounds people who recently embarked on a spiritual journey, or have discovered latent psychic abilities. There’s a renewed sense of excitement and hope for the future.


Image Source: www.wandmebaby.com

4 Orange

Orange is associated with the reproductive organs and how a person’s emotions are bound to that region of the body. Bright orange indicates good health, vibrancy and living life to its fullest. An overabundance of this hue could indicate that these people are trying to overcome an addiction or a desire. Orange-red goes for people with great personal power who give off an air of confidence. Orange-yellow is for people with a scientific mind who tend to be a bit of a perfectionists. They have a love for detailed work and mentally challenging projects.


Image Source: www.minutos.es

5 Red

This is one of the most powerful colors found in an aura. It can be a positive or a negative element. Red represents the blood. It’s a vibration of action with the ability to either attract or repel. If you have dark red aura you are centered and grounded to the earth, self-sufficient and can survive any circumstance. People with brilliant red are very passionate, have high libido and are full of energy and a competitive spirit. Clouded red represents a negative energy with deep-seated anger. People with pink aura are loving. Pink indicates an artist, a sensual person who appreciates the finer things in life. If you’ve recently fallen in love, you’ll have a significant amount of pink in your aura. Psychically gifted people also have pink auras. Dark pink indicates deceit, dishonesty and an immature person.


Image Source: www.minutos.es

6 Blue

This color represents the throat, specifically the thyroid. If your aura is blue, you’re intuitive and you love helping people. You remain calm during a crisis and others tend to lean on you for support. Royal blue means that you are a highly-developed, spiritual, intuitive or clairvoyant person. You have a very generous and giving spirit and you are always open to new possibilities. Dark blue, even cloudy is the aura that surrounds people who trust the future and can’t face the truth because of your desire to take control. If you happen to have a light blue aura, you are truthful and serene and you excel in all fields of communication.


Image Source: www.deviantart.net


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