Did you know our universe just said hello?! Discovery of Gravitational waves is making scientists jump in excitement!

A new era of astrophysics is now dawning upon mankind. We have the means to listen to our universe rather than just observing it. Einstein predicted in 1915 that the phenomenon of gravitational waves exists and now he has been proved right. With the new discovery made possible by the collaboration of the LIGO or Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory based in the US, we now have new insight into the mysterious unknown.


1 Scientists Declare Discovery of the Decade with New Insights on the Subject of Gravity

The phenomenon of Gravitational waves and space sound which was elusive till today was detected from the massive collision of two gigantic black holes. One of them was having a mass 35 times larger than the sun. With LIGO, one of the most technologically advanced systems to detect sound waves, scientists were able to listen to the phenomenon for just 20/1000 of a second when the black holes collided with each other. The discovery lends proof not so much to sounds of the universe but to theories and evidence of the fact that black holes can merge with each other.

Scientists Declare Discovery of the Decade with New Insights on the Subject of Gravity

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2 On 14th September 10:15 GMT, Our Universe Sent A “HELLO” From Space

It was on Sept 14 at 10:15 GMT that the space sounds were emitted by the violent collision resulting from an acceleration of 250 times per second. This built up from just 30 times per second. Within that time frame of a 20 millisecond, the LIGO centers in Hanover and Louisiana in the USA matched up the data and the incredible sound. The LIGO collaboration with its facilities in Europe published the research in the journal Physical Review Letters on 11th February this year.

Our Universe Sent A “HELLO” From Space

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The discovery ends a century of research and study based on Einstein’s theories and could well provide immense insight on the BIG BANG. In a news conference in the US, Executive Director of the LIGO project, Prof David Reitze stated “We have detected gravitational waves,”

“It’s the first time the Universe has spoken to us through gravitational waves. Up until now, we’ve been deaf.”


3 Scientists Feel the Discovery Is Worthy of a Nobel Prize

According to Prof Karsten Danzmann of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics Leibniz University Hanover, Germany, Gravitational waves which were detected from space is the biggest discovery since the Higgs boson paralleled only by the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953.

According to Professor Danzmann, a Nobel Prize should be given for this discovery.

Scientists Feel the Discovery Is Worthy of a Nobel Prize

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4 So What Are these Gravitational Waves that have been Detected From Space?

Gravitational waves were first predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity in 1915. Like the earlier Higgs boson particle, their existence was known to exist but lacked evidence and means for detection. Just like ripples of water are a result of a materialistic influence upon the water, so are gravitational waves ripples in the material fabric of universal space time. These are caused by violent or significant cosmic events that till now were beyond human detection of space. Acceleration achieved by such masses in space cause ripples at the speed of light.


The phenomenon includes such cosmic entities like black holes and exploding neutron stars. The above explanation was put forth by Einstein’s theory of relativity, so now Einstein has been proved right once again.

So What Are Gravitational Waves Detected From Space?

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5 How Does LIGO Detect Gravitational Waves?

The LIGO is a machine called an interferometer. The LIGO fires up lasers whose beams are divided along two paths which bounce in a back and forth motion between mirrors. The lights recombine and are transmitted to a detector.

The passing of the gravitational waves disturb the motion of the lights which project significant changes in length. A photo detector captures the signals or change within the recombined beams of light. Now that waves are being detected, this opens up the universe to a whole new series of important investigations.


The entire scientific world of astrophysicists and quantum physicists are excited by the future possibilities of such a discovery. This project means one step closer to an understanding of dark matter and the unknown. We will now be in a new era of cosmic discovery.

How Does LIGO Detect Gravitational Waves?

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6 Our Universe Was Just Waiting To Shout HELLO!!

Professor Sheila Rowan, one of the lead researchers from UK claimed that the discovery of gravitational waves was “the start of a terrifically exciting journey.”


She felt it was an amazing discovery to actually feel changes in the Fabric of the Universe set of by events such as the merging of the two black holes which actually occurred in the early formation of our universe billions of years ago.

Our Universe Was Just Waiting To Shout HELLO!!

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To quote Professor Rowan “It’s amazing that when we first turned on our detectors, the Universe was ready and waiting to say “Hello.”


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