Did a nuclear bomb go off in China?

Blast of any kind is a damaging of any kind. Loss of lives cannot be counted and even the damage to property cannot be measured in anyway. People affected by the blast are traumatised for life and the losses they suffer in form of property and near ones can be catastrophic.


China woke up this morning to the news to the pictures of a devastating blast that occurred in Tianjin area. The official Xinhua news agency was the first to report the blast on the news. Read on to know more about the blasts.
Also witness the blasts first hand in the video on the last page.

1 Where did the blasts occur?

The blasts took place in the industrial area of Tianjin district in China. The exact location of the blasts was a chemical warehouse located in the Binhai new area.


The blasts were so powerful that eyewitnesses compared the strength of the blasts to military bombs. Some people even said “Our building is shaking. Is this an atomic bomb?” The building from which the video on the last page was taken was located far away from the epicenter of the blast, the Binhai New Area.

Where did the blasts occur?

Image Source: www.eeboard.com


2 When did the blasts occur?

The blasts had destroyed an entire industrial area on Wednesday about 11.30pm local time.
The cause of the blasts appears to a shipment of explosives catching fire when they were stored in the warehouse according to CCTV. The second blast came approximately 30 seconds later.

As reported by the local news, at least 17 people, among them firefighters, lost their lives and 400 people were injured in the blasts. The survivors shared their story saying that the blasts were so powerful enough that the shipping containers in which they were stored were completely rutted due to the explosion.

When did the blasts occur?

Image Source: www.worldtruth.tv

3 Damage caused by the blasts

The blasts were accompanied by earsplitting noise and as seen in the images above, the blasts reduced the warehouse and nearby buildings to ashes and piles of smoking debris.


Xinhua, which is the state news agency, was the first one at the scene and describe the scenario as pretty shocking. Their experts said that the first blast had the energy equivalent to three tonnes of TNT detonating. The second blast which can be seen on the video topped the first one, having the power of 21 tonnes of TNT detonating.

The force of the explosions was so powerful that it completely destroyed the walls and windows of the nearby apartments and office towers, also sending crushed glass and concrete flying. The event has frightened the residents, who are spread across the city of 15 million people.

Damage caused by the blasts

Image Source: www.worldtruth.tv

4 Aftermath of the blast

The image shows a car park full of 1000 brand new Renault cars, which were turned into rubble by the blast. The local hospitals were filled with injured people being cared for and even the fire fighters who had been seriously injured in their effort of dousing the massive fire.


Tianjin Dongjiang Port Ruihai International Logistics who are the owners of the warehouse, have yet to issue comment. President of China Xi Jinping urged the people who are affected by the blast with a speedy answer to contain the disaster.

Aftermath of the blast

Image Source: www.radioespectaculo.com


5 The video of the blast

This is the video of the blasts and it was taken by a resident of an apartment building which was located at some distance from the epicenter, but you can clearly see the impact of the blast in the video.



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