15 Designers Who Taught The World How To Respect The Nature

11Beautiful playgrounds

Playgrounds are necessary for the kids but this one in Dortmund, Germany is pretty special as it completely supported by trees. The makers have tried to make it interesting for the kids and with this they have also made people understand that trees are of great use.


Image Source: webdiscover.ru

12A rope bridge for squirrels

This rope bridge has been made for squirrels over a highway which is in Victoria, Australia and the best part is that it also has a camera. Undoubtedly, squirrels must be enjoying walking on this ropeway.


Image Source: kul.vn

13A 90-yr old tree inside a restaurant

There is a Kit Kat restaurant in Toronto which has a 90-yr old tree inside it and the owner Al Carbone wants the tree to get the title of heritage destination. The restaurant owner needs to be appreciated for adjusting according to the tree and keeping it alive rather than cutting it.


Image Source: www.nairaland.com

14The passage that shows respect to the tree

As we can see in the below image, the makers of the passage had immense respect for trees as they could have cut the tree and made a straight passage but they chose to change the shape of passage as per the tree.


Image Source: bigbenas.lt

15Reducing water waste

Water is very precious for human beings and not even a single drop should be wasted. Plants were placed under the water tap in a restaurant in order to ensure that each drop of water is properly utilized.


Image Source: pikabu.ru


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