15 Designers Who Taught The World How To Respect The Nature

6Bridges and underpasses for crabs

It may sound unbelievable but it is true that there are bridges and underpasses for the red crabs on Christmas Island, Australia. These bridges and underpasses ensure that red crabs can go to the beach for mating without getting hurt.


Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

7Turtle tunnels by Japan Railways

The engineers of Japan railways came up with a unique idea of saving turtles that used to get hurt or lost their lives while crossing the railway tracks. They built turtle tunnels under the tracks so that the turtles can safely cross the tracks even if the train is passing through the tracks.


Image Source: .yimg.com

8Animal bridge in Singapore

An animal getting injured on highways while going to the other side of the forests is pretty common in many countries but Singapore has come up with a wonderful solution to this problem. They have constructed bridges for the animals so that they don’t have to face the traffic.


Image Source: twimg.co

9Water fountain and disposable bottles

Disposable plastic bottles are creating a very big problem for the environment and their usage should be reduced as much as possible if it can’t be stopped completely. This water fountain tells everyone about the number of plastic bottles that have been saved by using it.


Image Source: genial.guru

10Bridges for animals in Netherlands

Just like Singapore, many other countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, etc are also making bridges for animals. In Netherlands, these bridges are called ecoduct and the best thing about this one is that there is a small water body as well to attract animals.


Image Source: kyucthoigian.info


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