15 Designers Who Taught The World How To Respect The Nature

We all, even the kids of today are aware of the harmful effects of cutting trees but still the trees are getting chopped down in the name of development. Most of the times, we tend to blame the government and other institutions for not taking proper steps on time in order to stop deforestation but never try to take any initiative on our part. However, there are some people who are fulfilling their responsibilities towards nature and not leaving even a small chance to make sure that nature gets the respect that it deserves.


1 The National Geographic magazine wrapped in paper rather than plastic

Usually, the latest issues of magazines are sold by wrapping the magazine in a transparent and shining plastic bag but the National Geographic magazine was wrapped in paper. In that issue, the magazine talked about the harmful effects of plastic on our planet as it gave the caption, Planet or Plastic?

Image Source: genial.guru


2The tree roots and railing

People don’t mind cutting trees or tree roots for their own interests but this person chose to do it otherwise. Instead of cutting the tree roots in order to build the railing, he shifted the shape of railing as per the shape of roots.

Image Source: hohoa.org


3The bridge for squirrels

This bridge was built for squirrels in Longview, Washington as many squirrels lost their lives while crossing roads. It is also known as world’s narrowest bridge and also as world’s narrowest animal crossing and it was named after the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Image Source: sinaimg.cn


4Branch of the tree and the wall

Many times we have seen trees getting cut for building houses and walls but this person decided to give a twist in the construction of the wall in order to save the branch of the tree. As you can see a circular gap is made in the wall so that the branch can pass through it.

Image Source: arabe.xyz/


5Power lines

It is quite normal for the trees getting chopped down if power lines have to pass from nearby but this time, it has been done in a wonderful manner. Instead of cutting the complete tree only that part has been cut which was required for the passing of the power lines.

Image Source: index.hr


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