When this dermatologist starts cleaning a patient’s Toe, something dreadful and nasty pops out

Many people have a habit of neglecting their feet and toes. While there is plenty of concern for the hands and legs, no one really bothers about their toes and that’s when the problems start. Pedicures and foot hygiene should be a constant practice with everyone because if you don’t do so then you can face toe infections of the worst kind.


The patient in this article suffered likewise where the dermatologist cleans the patients toe only to find a lot of nasty stuff inside just between the nail and skin area, this area is prone to conditions such as fungus and ingrown toe nail. In such areas, pus and fungus accumulates making the toe swell and discolored in most cases. You may find this really horrendous but this is what happens when you don’t look after your toes.

1 Dermatologist operates on the swollen toenail

The dermatologist used forceps for performing an operation on this patients toe

swollen toenail

Image Source: www.newshunt.com

2 Pus pops out instantly

The doctor the pulls out the nasty accumulation of pus and infected flesh.

Pus pops out instantly

Image Source: www.hurreee.com

3 Lack of hygiene resulted in toe infection

Poor hygiene, exposure to constant dirt and a possible musty environment contributing to fungus could have caused this toe to get infected.

Lack of hygiene resulted in toe infection

Image Source: www.metagirly.com

4 The infection was severe resulting in a large amount of pus

The dermatologist cleans the toe and can be seen removing a lot of infected flesh and pus. Ultimately blood starts pouring out too.

infection was severe

Image Source: www.hurreee.com

5 This patient should be thankful for this expert pimple popper

Because this dermatologist cleans the toe, the patient has escaped a dreadful condition. Without professional medical help, the toe of this patient would have got septic and ultimately gangrene would have set in. In such a case, amputation would have become necessary. If you’re upto it you can watch the video of how toenail cleaning is done here.


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