This Blind Brazilian surfer is an inspiration as he challenges the waves and overcomes his fear


Never give up and never back down. Sounds like a movie title I know. But these words are true in every sense of the word because where there’s a will there’s a way!! Life has many obstacles but getting around them and inching towards your goals is what makes life worthwhile.

Along the way we falter despite of the fact of having two hands and legs and all our senses. It is these times when we should look to role models for inspiration. One big living inspiration is Derek Rabelo, the blind surfer. Yes BLIND!!

1 He was named after a surfing champion Derek Ho

Brazilian Derek Rabelo was born blind because of Glaucoma. Born in the coastal city of Gurapari, Brazil, the local population like Derek’s father is mad over surfing. Derek’s dream to become a champion surfer started when he was 17. He persevered and practiced every morning.

surfing champion Derek Ho

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