When Depressed Teen Asks the Hairstylist to Shave Her Bald, She Does an Amazing Thing Instead


Depression can be overwhelming at times and engulf anyone suffering from it. It can blind people to the extent of being filled with negativity. It isn’t a disease marked with physical symptoms of nausea, fever or pain but an invisible force even worse than all of these as the pain lies within ones mental faculties and is not easily expressed. Depression makes one suffer silently.

The world is gradually coming to terms with depression as a reality affecting millions worldwide and the medical fraternity is battling to help those fight a condition which some don’t even realize they are suffering from. When one depressed sixteen year old enters a beauty salon to cut off all her hair, this hairstylist didn’t shave her hair but did much more than that.


1 This is what the hairdresser did when she met a depressed girl

Hairdresser and beautician Kayley Olsen once met a client who was trying her best to get rid of her depression. The heart rending fact was that she was just a 16-year-old girl. Kayley decided to change her life by giving her something optimistic to think about.

The Girl asked Kayley to shave off all her hair just because she was fed up of having to look at her tangled hair every day. She would never comb it as she had totally lost interest in doing so. Her hair had not been combed for years.


Depressed girl

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2 Her Facebook post to teach people a lesson

Kayley even wrote a Facebook post about the girl describing how she faced one of her hardest moments with her young client whose name she kept anonymous. She mentioned that it was a 16-year-old dealing with a severe case of depression for quite some time. The girl felt so bad and worthless about herself that she never even bothered to groom herself and comb her hair.

All she ever did was get up to use the restroom. The girl was due to resume school again in a few weeks but had to take her school pictures that day. The girl just walked in and said to shave her hair off as she couldn’t deal with combing it and called herself a worthless person which broke Kayles heart. They then tried their best to save her hair.

Hairdresses doing hair

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