While watching the video of his Daughter’s Birth Dad notices something he Didnt see the first time

The first moments shared between any parent and a new born child can be magical. The moment a baby recognizes your voice and responds with movement such as blinking eyes and curling their hands around your finger is a moment never to be forgotten.


This is what comedian Michael Jr relived a second time when he found how as a father his voice had a profound effect on his new born daughter. When Michael replayed a video of his daughter’s birth, he was ecstatic to see the response.

1 Reliving Those Magical Moments of His New Born Baby

Comedian Michael Jr has always made people laugh with his unique brand of standup comedy. However he was astonished to see once again the minute details he had missed in the video of his daughter’s birth. Michael discovered how his voice alone was enough to trigger the most beautiful responses in the baby and the joy of that experience was much more than a happy audience.


When Michael was watching the video footage of his daughter’s birth, he experienced again those moments when he first filmed her fussing, screaming and crying in the manner of a new born.

Comedian Michael Jr

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2 Watch how his baby responds to the words “I love you”

Michael recalled how his voice had calmed her down. He hadn’t noticed it at first but the second time he spoke to her brought tears in his eyes. The memories had overwhelmed hime with emotion to see how his baby opened her eyes and appeared relaxed after he says “I love you”.

It was as if the baby understood him and responded accordingly. Watch his video of his daughter’s birth to relive those beautiful moments with Michael.


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