This Dad is a Hero, watch what he does to save his son from serious injury

Baseball as everyone knows is America’s favorite sport but just as it could be dangerous on the field; it could be just as dangerous for fans. If that ball comes hurtling at you into the stands stop shouting “homerun” and duck!! A ball can cause severe damage if it strikes you unless you happen to be a hardcore fan with your favorite catcher’s mitt in which case, get that ball!!


A ball smashed into the stands is what most fans love because that is their moment of glory to catch a home run ball. But speaking of balls heading into stands, you need to run for cover if the occasional bat comes your way. That’s exactly what happened at one baseball game but luckily this dad saved the day. This son saved from a baseball bat needs to really be thankful to his dad.

1 Instead of a ball a bat hurtling towards the stands

In one particular match in Florida, Danny Ortiz of the a Pittsburgh Pirate’s suffering maybe from sweaty palms let go of the bat which flung way into the stands. He actually lost control and the bat came hurtling like a missile towards the crowd. In that split second when you see something like that. What do you do? You cover your face right??? Well for one brave man that was wrong!!! He instead covered the face of his son protecting him from possible injury. That’s what you call a father!!


The crowd may have definitely gasped seeing the bat hurtling straight towards the man who takes the impact straight on. However his actions did not go unnoticed because all that time, cameras were rolling.

bat hurtling towards the stands

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2 And dad saves the day

The dad’s heroic actions were replayed live onscreen and although it look bad, I’m sure dad was undoubtedly happy to save the day. This dad was Shaun Cunningham of Marion County Florida. You can see how he puts his hands in front of his son Landon’s face. The son saved from a baseball bat could have been severely injured had His father not acted swiftly.

How much do we appreciate out dads in their lifetime? Every dad tries his best to be a father figure protective of you when young and holding your hand when in times of distress should always be appreciated despite of his shortcomings as a human being. Shaun’s heroic deed made it to frontline news. Watch the news report.


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