Egoistical Dad Forces Bully Son To Run To School In Rain While He Records It For Social Media

Bryan Thornhill is a dad who made his ADHD bully son run to school in the rain when the boy was banned from the school bus for bullying other kids. Recently we read about how the autistic boy Keaton Jones raised a stir on bullying but was such punishment justified by risking the boy’s health?

1How do you punish a bully just 10 years old

It is every parent’s duty to raise their kids responsibly educating them on the bad habit of bullying. Although no parent wants to be too strict with their child, sometimes reprimands are in order when the behavior crosses the limits like bullying that harms other kids. But, what exactly is the right way to scold your child. This dad thought of taking matters in his own hands in a rather over strict way.

How do you punish a bully just 10 years old

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2 This dad found his own way

When Bryan Thornhill from Virginia heard that his son was turning into a bully at school and even kept bullying children on the school bus, he wasn’t exactly happy about it.

His son Haydn Thornhill suffered from ADHD but that didn’t bother him as he decided to punish him severely.

school bus

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3He planned something sinister for the boy

His son was ultimately banned from taking the school bus and that’s what made Bryan mad and decided to do something about it. But what he planned was no less unproductive as many feel so.

Bryan Thornhill

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4He made him run in the rain

Bryan made his son run in the rain to school and then shot a video of the boy running from inside his truck. The boy is just 10 years old.

This is what he said. “I was feeling bad for the rain but I was like ‘You know what? We need to wash this attitude away and calm him down.’ And it worked. It worked brilliantly,”

He made him run in the rain

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