D164G: New Strain of The Coronavirus Has Surfaced in Malaysia And Is Ten Times More Infectious and Severe

The coronavirus just doesn’t want to go away. Looking at the corona world meter statistics is a strong indication that the virus is only increasing. It is heartening to know that fatalities are reducing and this may be due to a better understanding of the virus, faster medical intervention, social measures and timely testing but the overall scenario of infections is bleak. Countries lie USA showed almost 36,000 new cases yesterday with India topping the list of massive 58,000 cases. It appears that the virus has well and truly entrenched itself into world physiology where it may soon become a seasonal factor as many experts say.


1A second wave is threatened this fall

Already, the second wave is threatening countries with doctors warning of a spike in the fall. However, what’s most concerning is the fact that one of the new strains of the virus that threatened parts of the world earlier has now appeared again in Malaysia and scientists say it is deadlier with the potential to be more infectious.

Doctors treating covid19 patient

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2A new mutation of the virus was detected in Malaysia

A new strain of the Coronavirus termed the D614G or simply G614 has been detected in 3 of 45 cases. What’s alarming is that they were found in a cluster that originated from a restaurant owner who had visited India and just returned back to the country. The owner had not adhered to the rule of 14-day quarantine at home after returning from a foreign country which is why the virus spread. What is more worrying is the fact that this means the strain is also present in India too.

A new mutation of the virus was detected in Malaysia

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3Ten times more infectious than the usual strain

The new coronavirus strain D614G was found to be ten times more infectious than the usual because of the nature of its DNA. The restaurant owner was also arrested and sentenced to five months in prison along with a fine. But not just from India, there were other clusters identified in people returning also from the Philippines.

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