23 Year Old Czech Woman Gives Rare Birth Becoming First Ever In Her Country to Do So

They say a baby is God’s gift and your bundle of joy but what happens when God is so pleased with you that he decides to shower you with several bundles of joy? Would you raise your hands and say stop please!! Or would you accept with a smile. Well, one woman from the Czech Republic was abundantly showered with blessings in 2013. At just 23, Alexandra Kinnova gave birth to the country’s first naturally conceived quintuplets.


1An unimaginable feat

In 2013, Alexandra Kinnova produced an unimaginable feat. The young 23-year-old was beaming with joy to become the Czech Republic’s first woman to conceive quintuplets all of which were declared very healthy and with 95% chances of surviving. The feat took place in Prague.

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2She gave birth to the country’s first quintuplets

Alexandra gave birth to four boys and one girl with no complications. The deliveries were through caesarian section and had to be taken to the ICU of the Prague Institute. Both she and her partner Antonin were overjoyed to welcome the babies into the world as they learned that they would be bringing more than one baby into the world.

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3The family had a history of twins but were not expecting this

Both parents had a history of twins in the family, so it was no surprise to both and doctors who found they would be having twins. What transpired later when doctors decided to check again was a nice shock and pleasant surprise for both medical professionals and the family. They were going to follow the family tradition in more ways than one. They were about to set a record of firsts for the country.

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4Surprising news

At first, they didn’t know about the exact number thinking that they would be conceiving twins. Little did they know how the number was going to change drastically?  When the doctor called Alexandra for a second checkup to rediagnose her pregnancy, they were shocked beyond their wildest dreams.

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5A huge shock

The doctor called Alexandra in for a second check up to re-diagnose. What they heard next was so surprising, that they would not have thought about it even in their wildest dreams. Alexandra wasn’t just pregnant with 4 babies but it was about to increase. After a few months, their ultrasound revealed 5 babies were on their way.

Image Source: www.jesusdaily.com

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