Cute illustrations reminding us why we should offer our seats to pregnant women


When you see pregnant women while travelling in buses or metro or trains, what do you do? Do you leave your seats for them? Vacating your seats for pregnant women has been accepted as a normal etiquette and if you are a fit and healthy young person, then it also becomes your responsibility to give your seat to anyone who needs it more than you.You may be tired while coming back from office or any other place, but trust us, you cannot be more tired than a woman carrying a baby inside her. She is going to bring a new life into the world, and a lot from her goes into that little bundle of joy. She needs a great amount of support and care. This is the reason why, most public transportation systems request their riders to provide seats to anyone who needs it more. Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not offer their seats to pregnant women. They really need to understand that a pregnant lady needs much more relaxation.

Shiyang He, a China-based ad illustrator has come up with three amazing 3D illustrations in order to remind us why pregnant women need seats more than us. The illustrations have been highly appreciated for their creativity.

1 The imaginative illustrator

Shiyang He is a young and highly talented ad designer from Shanghai, working in the advertising agency Ogilvy’s Beijing office and has previously created series of ads on many products and social issues. Recently, he designed three cute illustrations as a part of a campaign initiated by a milk production company in China named Yili Milk. The campaign encourages people to offer their seats to pregnant women. The posters represent three different conditions to remind people to follow basic etiquette to make the traveling easier for future moms.

The imaginative illustrator

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