14 Creatures That Are Dangerous But We Aren’t Scared of Them

There are some really amazing creatures in nature that can seem pretty harmless when in reality they are quite dangerous. Most of the time we see such creatures in some of the safest places but aren’t too concerned because we feel that they aren’t exactly a threat. Who would feel threatened by an ordinary ladybug or caterpillar, right? But the fact remains that these seemingly harmless creatures can inflict some damage in the most painful ways possible.


Want to know what are these dangerous creatures and where do you see them? Here is a list of 14 creatures that you often see but aren’t afraid of.

1 Red Slug

Red slug can grow up to 18 cm in length and have a huge appetite. They can easily eat almost anything they find but they are notorious for transmitting nematodes- parasites that pose a threat to both humans and animals alike. These slugs are widespread over Western Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland, Western Poland, Netherlands, and the southern parts of the British islands.

Red Slug

Image Source: alchetron.com

2Tiger Mosquito

Unlike your usual mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes have recognizable white stripes on the body and legs. But don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance because they are dangerous creatures capable of transmitting Dengue fever, Zika fever, and the Chikungunya virus. They are rampant across Asia, North America, and Hawaii.

Tiger Mosquito

Image Source: kme.si


Ladybugs are practically harmless but there is one particular species that can be dangerous. It is the harlequin ladybug that won’t hesitate to use its strong jaws to bite you when it gets hungry. While this bite isn’t exactly poisonous, a bump will still form around the bitten area and the bite itself can trigger an allergic reaction. Even if this ladybug doesn’t bite you but you touch it and then touch your eyes, you will end up with conjunctivitis. Harlequin ladybugs are found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Siberia, and Kazakhstan.


Image Source: impuls.com


Amphipoda are basically sea fleas that you never can see swimming or on the sand next to you. While they don’t usually bite humans, when they do, it always causes extreme skin irritation and a bad rash. They are found on the seacoast, on seaweeds, and almost all freshwater bodies, oceans and seas. Some can even be found living in underground water sources. These fleas are common in Ukraine and Western Europe.


Image Source: naturdata.com


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