He just punched some nails Into a lemon but the result could save your life

Can you build fire from a lemon? The answer as absurd as it sounds is YES!!!


Survival tricks are in abundance on the net. Every day you may get to read about some new hack or another. Along with human evolution comes some several innovations in life among which a few are so unique you will find it hard to be true.

1 Fire is the most important need for survival

The most important requirement of mans need to survive in the wild is fire. Fire has always been a requisite even from prehistoric times. As long as you have fire, you can cook; boil water for consumption as well as for warmth and protection from wild animals. The big question is how do you build a fire?? Even more so is how do you use a lemon to do it? Read on.

Fire is the most important need for survival

Image Source: www.moderncombatandsurvival.com

2 Here’s what you will need to create fire from a lemon

  • 1 large lemon
  • Copper clip fasteners
  • Zinc nails
  • A few 4 inch strands of metal wire
  • Two thin gauge insulated wires
  • Steel wool

Follow the video and press the copper clip fasteners and the zinc nails into the lemon in two lines. Both should be parallel to each other. Now on either side leave one nail and one fastener free. Connect the others using wire where one clip should be connected to a nail. Now touch both wires to a piece of steel wool, a short circuit is created resulting in A FIRE!! Amazing isn’t it.

fire from lemon

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

3 Take a look at the amazing video

The ascorbic acid within the lemon acts as an electrolyte in a regular battery creating the potential for 1 volt of electricity FROM A LEMON. That’s how you create a fire from a lemon. Watch the video to get a clearer picture.


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