Crazy Stories of People Who Lived in Stores and Malls


Hear the wild stories of folks who just had to make a point by living in the mall and the stores. The weird thing in all these stories is that neither shoppers nor store employees noticed these individuals until days and in some cases years later. How could one go unnoticed for this length of time by others? One couple lived in their mall for nearly four years without being detected. These folks made a statement that is for sure.

1 Runaway Chinese boy lives in local Ikea for Nearly A Week

Twelve-year-old Peng Yijian was in deep trouble with his mother when he had not completed his Math homework assignment. Instead of dealing with his mother,the young man ran away and decided to hide out in the local Ikea store. Surviving off food samples from local Shanghai stores and sleeping on an Ikea display bed the boy almost went unnoticed for nearly a week until the youngster’s mother informed authorities that Ikea was one of his favorite hangouts. Eventually the police found the boy wandering around on the ground floor. The boy was found and returned home to his mother.

Runaway Chinese boy lives in local Ikea for Nearly A Week

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