10 Crazy facts about the White House you may have never known about

As one of the most iconic symbols of the USA, the White House is also the most historical having existed as the residence of the office of the President. As the Private residence of the President, the White House is also the chief executive office of the country. Here are 10 crazy facts about the White House which you may have never known.


1 It was commissioned by President George Washington but he never lived in it

Although the White house was commissioned and overseen by President George Washington, He never got to live in it. Built with several sections such as the Executive Residence, The West Wing, The East Wing, The Roosevelt Room and the Executive Building, It took 8 years to build and was ready for use in 1801. Its first occupants were the country’s second President John Adams and his wife Abigail.

White House commissioned by President George Washington

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2 The Coffee machines in the White House were gifted by Tom Hanks

The Pressroom in the White House contains two espresso machines which were gifted by Tom Hanks. After finding that there were no coffee machines in the white house, Tom Hanks delivered an espresso machine for which reporters were more than grateful. He delivered the second one an updated model a few years later. Presumably, he checked someone like Greatcoffeebrewers.com before buying it, as only the best will do for the White House!

Coffee machines in the White house

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3 The Original Designer Wanted It To Be A Palace But Was Fired By Washington

The original Architect Charles L’Enfant wanted a huge palatial structure much like a French palace. George Washington on the other hand hated L’Enfant work and sacked him. A much smaller design of the original version was completed by architect James Hoban. At the time it was still the biggest mansion in the country.

White Hose architect James Hoban

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4 The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

When Winston Churchill visited, he stayed the night in the bedroom of President Abraham Lincoln. The following day Churchill left in a bit of a hurry and it was believed that he had seen the ghost of resident Lincoln stepping out of a bathtub. Churchill did visit again but refused to stray in the same room. Mary Eben, the personal secretary of Eleanor Roosevelt once ran out screaming saying she had seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln putting on his boots.

The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

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5 The White House Has a Twin

The Leisnster house located in Ireland was built between 1745 and 1747. It was referred to as the mIni White House. It was believed that this was what inspired architect James Hoban who may have also designed the White House after the Aran, the home of the Irish President.

The White House Has a Twin

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6 The Secret Tunnels

Secret tunnels do exist beneath the White House. There is one bunker located six stories beneath the West Wing and it is believed that there are also trap doors n the Oval Office that lead to a secure bunker. President Franklin D Roosevelt had a bomb shelter built after Pearl Harbor. Access from the White House also leads to the vaulted basement of the Treasury.

The Secret Tunnels

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7 Homemade Air Conditioning Fail

President Taft wanted air-condition when he lived in the White House in 1909. He decided to make his own homemade air-conditioning by installing large fans in the attic that blew outside air over huge vats filled with ice. The cool air would then be transported through the heating ducts that ran all over the house. Instead warm air would just blow out creating a nuisance for cleaning staff. Ultimately Taft gave up and stopped gis home made air conditioner, it would have been nice if he had an air conditioner from somewhere like www.nationalairwarehouse.com, but it was nice that he at least tried to make the place a bit cooler during those hot Washington summers.

 Homemade Air Conditioning Fail

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8 President Johnson’s Shower Obsession

Among the weird facts about the White House, President Johnson was so obsessed in getting his bathroom shower right that his plumber suffered a nervous breakdown attempting to get it right. He spent a ridiculous five years trying to get the shower to work according to Johnson’s standards. President Johnson demanded that the shower nozzles should be capable of shooting extremely hot jets of water at high pressure. His demands even made it to Vanity Fair magazine where he wanted the position correct where shower that shot water up his rear and another directly at his package. More of a fetish if you ask me.

President Johnson's Shower Obsession

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9 The White House Has a Bustling State Of The Art Kitchen

The White house kitchen is an extremely sophisticated state of the art as it is equipped with the latest kitchen technology. That rightly so as it caters to stately diners with guests comprises of kings and queens or presidents and diplomats of other countries. President Adams and his wife Abigail grew their own produce whereas President Jackson had his own green house which was demolished to make way for the West Wing.


The latest vegetable garden till date was planted by First lady Michelle Obama where the produce is eaten by her family and also donated to local soup kitchens. There is also a beehive and a professional bee keeper.

Michele Obama in White Kitchen

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10 Extreme Real Estate Value

Among the financial facts about the White House, it commenced construction in 1792 and was completed in 1800 for its first residents President John Quincy Adams and his wife Abigail. The address of 800 Pennsylvania Avenue became the most valued piece of real estate where the original cost of the White House was $232,372. Today in terms of real estate the White House is estimated to be worth $320,000,000. It houses a movie theatre, bowling alley, tennis courts, swimming pool, a dentist office, 16 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms.

White house value

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