15 Courageous House-Owners Who Refused To Sell Their Houses To Builders And Stood Their Ground

“Home is where the heart is” is the beginning lines of a song of an American singer, Elvis Presley and majority of us must have felt the same way whenever we would have gone out of our house for a long period. Almost everyone wishes to have his own house where he can live with his family happily but sometimes such circumstances develop that a person has to leave his house and shift to some other place. It can happen because of various reasons such as shifting due to job, government projects, big real estate project but there are some people who leave their houses no matter whatever happens.


1She said no to Bob Guccione and Donald Trump

Vera Coking whose house was in Atlantic city, New Jersey was offered a huge amount by Bob Guccione, the publisher of an adult magazine in 1970 as he had plans of constructing a hotel and a casino but she refused. Later on, the American business and the former USA President Donald Trump also gave her an offer in 1993 for her house but she refused to him as well.

She said no to Bob Guccione and Donald Trump

Image Source: townnews.com


2Building cut into half

A house owner in Toronto was not ready to sell his house to the real estate developers so the developers came up with an idea of cutting the building in half so that the other portion can be brought down. Undoubtedly the house looks a little weird but it tells how much a person can love his house.

Building cut into half

Image Source: www.koha.net


3House in middle of the road

All the house owners obliged to the Chinese government and moved out of their houses but one elderly couple decided otherwise and didn’t allowed the government to demolish their house. The house which is now termed as symbol of resistance can be seen standing alone between the freeway in Wenling, Zhejiang province.

House in middle of the road

Image Source: sinaimg.cn


4Refused to sell house and become inspiration for a movie

Edith Madefield become famous in 2006 when she refused to sell her house to a real estate developer even for a huge amount $1 million. The builder then constructed his buildings all around the house and a movie, “UP” which was made after taking inspiration from the story of Edith Macefield.

Refused to sell house and become inspiration for a movie

Image Source: newravel.com


5Houses and the ring roads

Infrastructure development is the need of the hour in various countries and the Guangzhou administration also wanted to build highways but three families refuse to leave their houses. In the end, the administration decided to construct ring roads which were built around these houses.

Houses and the ring roads

Image Source: tesheshi.com


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