A couple tipped this pregnant waitress $900 but then writes a note saying it isn’t their money

Innumerous times you might have read on the net of waitresses and waiters receiving huge tips from generous patrons. It is kind of heartening to know that there are kind souls out there considerate enough of people’s needs. But!! How would you react to this incident where a couple tips a pregnant waitress $900 but then the woman tells her it wasn’t her money?

Wouldn’t that make you think that if not their then whose money could it be, was it stolen?

1 Not everyone can afford the luxuries of holiday shopping

With the season’s holidays around the corner, most people are hurrying and scurrying to complete their Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, there are several who are still struggling to pay bills and can’t afford such luxuries of life.

A heavily pregnant waitress Sarah Clark from Phoenix, Denver with just a month due is still working her butt off waiting tables all because she is the only breadwinner in her family. As luck would have it, her fiancée is also hospitalized due for knee surgery.

luxuries of holiday shopping bill

Image Source: www.wltx.com

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