This couple was expecting twins, but then they got the shock of their life

Premature babies find it hard to survive because their body parts and internal organs have not been developed properly. The entire process of development of the fetus that is done in the womb has to be done in a hospital and this leads to many types of disorders and diseases. Most of the preemie babies do not survive if they are born more than 20 weeks before. But this is a story of a set of twins, who not only survived their preemie birth, but their parents also went on an incredible journey while praying for the survival of their children.

1 The good news first and then the bad news

Edwyna and TJ Irwin were over the moon when they came to know that Edwyna was pregnant. This was a dream of the couple, who were very excited and eager to start a family. During a routine checkup, doctor decided to perform an ultrasound so that the development of the baby could be checked and that’s when the couple got the surprise of their life. Edwyna was pregnant with two children, and she herself was part of a set of triplets and one of her sisters is a mother of twin children. Obviously, such coincidence made the news sweeter and happier for the whole family. When the second trimester rolled in, everything was going normal for her and she was enjoying the pains and gains of being pregnant. But suddenly one day, everything changed for her and TJ. Edwyna was rushed to the hospital when she went into labor prematurely and the doctors tried their best to stop the labor at just 25 weeks. But more difficulties were waiting on the corner for the couple.

Edwyna was pregnant

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