A BMW was drowning and a woman was about to die… These men did a great job!

During past few years, cops have been seen in bad light due to some of the bad seeds in the cop duty, who have smudged mud on the good name of lawful officers. From time to time, you keep getting to hear about the news of cops shooting innocent people, using excessive force and even killing harmless pets using their service guns.


But we bring to you a positive story about cops of New Zealand, who risked their lives in order to save someone else’s and are not even greedy about the limelight been shone on them constantly for their bravery and sticking to duty. Not only they saved the life of a woman, but they did it by thinking quickly and helping her without hesitating for a second.

Here is the whole story for you.


The shocking incident!

North Shore police constables Paul Watts and Simon Russell were out on their normal patrol along the shore line, doing their duty. During their usual duty near the Waitemata Harbor, the duo saw something that led them to act in immediate concern. They saw a BMW car in the harbor in the brink of drowning and submerging in the water. They were chilled to their spine, when they saw a woman in the backseat of the car, hitting the back windshield, trying to break it and get out.

The incident of woman who was from the drowning vehicle

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2 How did they save her?

Both the constables immediately jumped into the water and Officer Russell, thinking quickly on his feet, picked up a big rock and used it to smash the back window of the car.

constables immediately jumped into the water

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Then both of the policemen dragged the woman out of the car carefully and then brought her to safety. Along with the officers, some bystanders had tried to open the doors, but couldn’t do so due to the water pressure and ultimately they broke the window to get the woman out safely.

both of the policemen dragged the woma

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3 A tough situation!

It seemed that the woman lost the control of the car and it careened into the harbor and start sinking immediately. The 63-year-old unidentified woman moved to the back of the car and started to break the window in order to get out. “When we entered the water, I was talking to one of the (members of the public) who was trying to balance the vehicle and he said he was looking for a rock to try and smash the window. It was pretty close, probably 30 or 40 seconds after we managed to get the female out of the car, the car was already slipping further into the water,” said Russell.

Rescue of a woman from a drowning car

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4 After-effects of the incident!

Taking out the drowned car from water

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Fortunately, the 63-year-old woman got out safely with only minor cuts and bruises and the shock of being in a deadly situation. That could not be said about the car, which sank seconds after the woman was saved. The cops managed to fish the car out of the water after the woman was attended to and treated by the paramedics.


Both Constables Simon Russell and Paul Watts were commended by the Police Commissioner, Mike bush for their bravery and efforts to save the woman. Russell received the call at home and said, “It’s just another day on the job sir.” They also got pat on the backs from their North Short Area commander Inspector, Shanan Gray. Take a look at what do the brave officers have to say about the entire incident.



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