11 Controversies about Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer

5His Ideas about Dominance Are Based on Studies on Wolves from The 1940s

His patent ideas of dominance and establishing a hierarchy in the pack with the human as the alpha is actually derived from a study made on wolves’ way back in 1940s. But recent researches contradict the earlier studies. They indicate clearly that wolves live in nuclear families and do not compete for dominance; the parents are de facto leader of the pack. In fact, in the wild, it works just like a human family. They do not have to fight to be on top rather when they grow and mature and find a mate and they start their own pack.


6Critics Say He Makes Dogs Insecure

Real trainers and behaviourists always advocate forging a trusting relation between you and your dog rather than scaring or intimidating the puppy by playing the alpha or screaming and shouting at the dog. When you do that the dog’s instincts automatically shuts down which is mistaken for calmness and submission but in reality, you have made him more insecure.


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7Many Experts Say Positive Reinforcement Is More Effective

As in humans even dogs need positive re-enforcements and encouragement to go on. Experts Like Nicholas Dodman always insists that’s dogs should be trained by positive reinforcements. This makes dogs understand that all things good in life comes only from you. This makes them more obedient and docile as they would always want to please you for a reward which can be even a pat on the back. They will automatically know a mistake that will earn them your disapproval and they would be guilty and try not to do that again.


8Cesar Milan Was Investigated For Animal Cruelty

In one episode of Cesar Milan’s show Cesar 911, he was training an aggressive dog who was constantly attacking the pigs of the family. He couldn’t control the dog and the pigs were bitten in his supervision and blood was shed which led to an investigation for animal cruelty.

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